Main Attractions

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

Visitors to Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge enjoy viewing a variety of wildlife within a few minutes of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. The Refuge landscape provides sanctuary throughout the seasons for waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors, river otter, black-tailed deer, coyotes, herons, and numerous other species of wildlife. The Refuge also offers a place for people to keep in touch with their 'wild' neighbors. For many, this is a special place to learn about and appreciate the splendor of the natural areas that once occurred in abundance along the lower Columbia River.

Historic Houses on Officers Row

Where else in the Northwest can you stroll past 22 preserved Victorian homes on the National Historic Register? Built in the mid-to-late 1800s, these beautifully restored homes were built to house U.S. Army officers stationed at Vancouver Barracks. The Grant House, built in 1850, now houses The Grant House Restaurant. The Marshall House, built in 1886, offers tours and an exhibit on General George C. Marshall, it’s most famous resident.

Pearson Field & Pearson Air Museum

Pearson Air Museum and the Jack Murdock Aviation Center help visitors connect to the history of aviation at Pearson Field. From its roots as a civilian air field, to its history as the site of the Spruce Mill and its transformation into an important Army Air Corps field, Pearson Air Museum helps provide a detailed look into the golden age of aviation at Pearson Field.